Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar

7 Thar Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape

Maintaining your Mahindra Thar is crucial for its longevity and peak performance. Regular care, including oil changes, fluid checks, tire maintenance, and attention to the cooling system, safeguards against wear and damage.

From headlamps for Thar to routine measures help extend your vehicle’s lifespan and ensure it operates at its best.

Regular Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are crucial for maintaining your Mahindra Thar. Engine oil serves as a lubricant that reduces friction between moving parts in the engine. Over time, this oil can become contaminated with dirt and particles, leading to reduced lubrication and increased wear on engine components. Changing the oil and oil filter at recommended intervals ensures that the engine runs smoothly, prevents excessive wear, and maintains optimal performance. Neglecting this maintenance task can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, reduced engine life, and potentially expensive repairs. Therefore, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil changes is essential for the health of your Thar’s engine.

Check Fluid Levels

Regularly check and top off all fluid levels, including coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and differential fluid. Regularly inspecting and topping off fluids such as coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and differential fluid is crucial for the vehicle’s proper functioning. Adequate fluid levels ensure that your engine remains cool, your brakes work effectively, and your transmission operates smoothly. Neglecting these fluids can lead to overheating, brake failure, and transmission issues, potentially causing extensive damage and compromising safety. By adhering to routine fluid checks and maintenance, you can keep your Thar in top condition and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Tire Care

Inspect your tires for wear and maintain the correct tire pressure. Rotate your tires regularly to ensure even wear. This involves inspecting your tires for wear and maintaining the correct tire pressure. Ensuring proper tire tread depth and inflation levels is crucial as it promotes even tire wear, which enhances safety and handling. Rotating your tires periodically further maximizes their lifespan and performance. Proper tire maintenance not only contributes to safer driving but also improves fuel efficiency and reduces the risk of unexpected blowouts or handling issues, particularly important for off-road and on-road performance in a vehicle like the Thar.

Brake Maintenance

Proper brake care involves regularly checking the condition of brake pads and brake fluid. Brake pads wear down over time and must be replaced if they become too thin to ensure efficient braking. Brake fluid levels should also be inspected and maintained, as low or contaminated brake fluid can compromise braking performance. Timely attention to these aspects is crucial to ensure your vehicle’s safety, as effective brakes are essential for stopping your Thar safely and quickly, reducing the risk of accidents and maintaining optimal handling on the road.

Air Filter

Replace or clean the air filter as recommended to ensure proper air intake for your engine. The air filter is a crucial component that ensures clean air enters the engine. Over time, it can become clogged with dirt and debris, hindering airflow. Replacing or cleaning the air filter at recommended intervals is vital for optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency. A clean air filter allows the engine to breathe easily, improving combustion and preventing dirt from entering sensitive engine components. This simple maintenance task can lead to better Thar performance, longer engine life, and cost savings by reducing fuel consumption and preventing potentially costly engine damage. You can also use Snorkel for Thar.

Battery Check

Regularly inspect the battery terminals for corrosion and ensure the battery is securely mounted. Check the battery terminals for corrosion, ensuring they are clean and well-connected. Additionally, make sure the battery is securely mounted in its designated place within the vehicle. Keeping the battery in good condition is essential as it powers the electrical systems and starting mechanism. If left unchecked, a deteriorating battery can lead to starting issues and electrical failures. Timely maintenance and replacement, when necessary, help ensure reliable vehicle performance and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Cooling System

Keep an eye on your vehicle’s cooling system. Check the radiator, hoses, and coolant levels. Ensure the radiator is clean and free of obstructions, as this allows efficient heat dissipation. Inspect hoses for leaks or damage, replacing them if necessary to prevent coolant loss. Proper coolant levels and quality are crucial for maintaining the engine’s temperature. Overheating can lead to severe engine damage, so diligent cooling system maintenance is essential to keep your Mahindra Thar running smoothly and prevent costly repairs.


Ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your Mahindra Thar is imperative. Proper maintenance, including tasks like changing the oil, checking fluids, and caring for the brakes, not only prevents costly repairs but also guarantees that your vehicle consistently operates at its best throughout its life.

Thar CRDe Hard Top

Thar CRDe Hard Top: How Can It Help?

A Mahindra Thar CRDe is a popular SUV that comes with a soft top by default in India. Hence, for drivers who prefer a more durable option, hardtops are available that can be installed on the top of a Mahindra Thar CRDe. Keep reading to know more about the functions of a Thar CRDe hard top.

What is the Purpose of a hardtop?

A hard top is a kind of roof that is made from durable materials, for example, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass. This is specially designed to give better protection and insulation from weather elements. However, you need to install the hard top on the Mahindra Thar CRDe with the help of a professional mechanic or at an authorized Mahindra dealership.

How Can a Mahindra Thar CRDe Hardtop Help?

A Mahindra Thar CRDe hardtop can help in the following ways:

  • Improved Insulation:

A hard top provides improved insulation from cold and heat. Thus, it helps to keep the interior more comfortable.

  • Better Security:

It gives better security than a soft top and provides thus protects your car from theft and vandalism.

  • Better Durability:

A hard top has enhanced durability so it can withstand rough weather conditions and challenging off-road terrain.

  • Improved Aesthetics:

A Thar CRDe hardtop improves the appearance of the jeep and gives it a more adventurous and rugged look.

What are Some Options for Thar CRDe Hardtop?

Some popular options for Thar CRDe hardtops in India can be:

  • Metal hardtop
  • Sporty hardtop
  • Classic FRP hardtop
  • Thar semi hardtop

You can get all these options available in the inventory of Azad 4WD.


Thus, there are several options for Thar CRDe hard tops, that you can choose as per your budget and choice. However, if you are worrying about a high Thar CRDe hard top price then you can opt for Azad 4WD and get amazing products at an affordable range.

Mahindra Jeep

3 Ways for Mahindra Jeep Customization

Mahindra Thar is a dream vehicle for 4X4 lovers. This beasty vehicle is popular for both its performance and looks. However, modifying these cars is also a great option that people can follow to enhance the power and style of a Mahindra Thar. Keep scrolling through the article to know about 3 ways of Thar jeep customization.

What are 3 Ways for Mahindra Thar Customization

Here are the three ways that you can implement to customize your Mahindra Thar:

  1. Exterior Customization

Exterior customization is the most popular way of modifying the style and appearance of Mahindra Thar. For example, to enhance the look of your Mahindra Thar, you can install attractive front grills. In this regard, you can check the front grill collection of Azad 4WD which is perfectly made to match the exterior of your Thar. You can also install different types of headlamps on your Mahindra Thar. Azad 4WD has attractive headlamp designs for different choices.

  1. Security Customization

A new Thar customization idea can be modifying the car with added security measures. For example, you can install front bumpers, hardtops, footsteps, work lamp brackets, etc. that will give extra protection to your vehicle. Door cladding, skid paddle, etc. are also some of the great customization options that you can install on your new Mahindra Thar 2023. You can find all these security accessories in the inventory of Azad 4WD.

  1. Interior Customization

Interior customization is also a way for Mahindra jeep customization. To customize the interior, one can install premium leather seats, glass holders, floor mats, dashboards, interior lights, and many more. However, when customizing the car’s interior you should keep a proper balance between the elements and color to retain elegance.


Hope you have got a few ideas about Thar jeep customization from this guide. Hence, if you are planning to customize your new Thar Mahindra 2023 with top-class accessories, then you can come to Azad 4WD and explore the collection.

Wheel Spacers

Why Buy Wheel Spacers For Mahindra Thar?: Top 3 Reasons

If you own a Mahindra Thar, you have a pretty sturdy vehicle that can carry you through most regular kinds of terrains. Even the appearance of the Thar is just as rugged as most people would want. Why then, should you look for Thar wheel spacers?

Well, the reasons are multiple and varied. The primary purpose of wheel spacers is to move the wheels farther away from a car’s frame and body. Wheel spacers for Thar are essentially billet-aluminum discs ranging from 5 mm to 45 mm in size. You need to get these bolted onto your vehicle’s axles or hubs to move the wheels away from the body of the vehicle.

Three Reasons to Go for Thar Wheel Spacers

Here are three of the most popular reasons that cause automobile enthusiasts to install wheel spacers for Mahindra Thar:

Wheel spacers push the wheels away from the body of the car. This gives your car a more aggressive stance, giving it a more rugged appearance. If you are fascinated by cars with sturdy, rugged, and aggressive appearances, getting wheel spacers would be the perfect choice for you.

Are you into large and wide traction tires? As you already might know, you cannot install traction tires into the Mahindra Thar by itself. To do so, you must first get good-quality wheel spacers. These can then hold traction tires to your Mahindra Thar, giving your car the appearance you prefer.

If you want to drive on more rough terrain with greater wheel clearance, you must get wheel spacers. Especially if you intend to drive in regions with a lot of snow, or rough Rocky terrain, you would need a better grip on the wheels. For this, installing wheel spacers is a must.


Finally, it all boils down to your individual preference. If you like the appearance and functionality of Mahindra Thar wheel spacers, grab them at the earliest. You can also check the inventory of Azad 4WD to get some affordable options for wheel spacers for Mahindra Thar.

Mahindra Thar Grill

Mahindra Thar Grill: Know about The Common Types

A Mahindra Thar jeep is a much-loved vehicle owned and driven by many car enthusiasts around the world. Considered to be one of the more rugged automobiles, this jeep is useful in different terrains. The jeep as we know it today has evolved through decades, with manufacturers toying with the functionality of different parts to make the vehicle as practical and useful as possible. Thar grill is a great customization option that can enhance this functionality.

Common Types of Thar Grills

Some common types of Mahindra Thar grills are:

  • The Seven-Slot Grill

Have you ever wondered what the grill does in a jeep? If you have taken a look at the Mahindra Thar, you must be able to tell that the Thar grill is a seven-slot grill, with seven distinct slots in the front. We understand that you must be in a flurry of unanswered questions. Be patient and read on to learn about the grill of the Mahindra Thar in detail.

  • Mahindra Thar Grill

To begin with, the function of a grill is to protect the engine of the car from overheating or getting damaged due to the insertion of debris. The grill carries out the dual action of keeping the engine cool by bringing in airflow and filtering out debris to prevent it from damage.

The seven-slot Mahindra Thar grill that comes installed in the Thar is the result of modifications done during the Second World War, where this was picked as the best and most functional design. This aggressive design allows ample air to flow to and from the engine and the radiator.


You can easily go for the other design options available in the market at present. There are many sturdy and functional designs available that can be installed without any drilling. To install a new Thar grill, you must only ensure that the surface is completely clean. Check out the inventory of Azad 4X4  to get some durable and elegant-looking Thar grills for your beasty vehicle.

Mahindra Thar Customization

Mahindra Thar Customization: Is It A Good Idea?

Car enthusiasts often go for car modifications as soon as they get their hands on a new car. The Mahindra Thar is a vehicle that has been modified to great extent by owners ever since it first appeared in the market. This rugged, highly functional jeep has been the subject of much experimentation by owners who love to try out new gadgets, new looks, and new functions ever so often.

Should You Modify Your Mahindra Thar?

Are you wondering if you should go for Thar customization too? Here are a few things to consider before making a decision:

  • Before going for a modification, you must first decide why you think this would be a good idea. Decide if it is purely from the perspective of appearance or if there is a functional angle to it.
  • If you are going for a modification to the appearance of the car, do your research and ensure that there would be no negative effects on the functioning of the car.
  • Next, find inspiration for modifications. You can look at some popular Mahindra Thar 2020 customization options for reference.
  • Pick out easy-to-install and good-quality installations.

Why Are Car Modifications Popular?

Modifying a car with aftermarket parts has a deep sentimentality behind it. Car enthusiasts love to modify their beloved vehicles to give them a touch of their personality. While some modifications are often purely functional, others are done to augment the appearance of the ride to the liking of the driver or owner. The Thar customizations have mostly been either to make the car more suitable for different kinds of terrains or to give it a more rugged look.


Whatever you choose, be sure to ascertain that there would be no damage to your car’s performance. Ultimately, the choice depends entirely upon your preference and taste. Hence, Azad 4WD has a huge collection of accessories for new Thar models that you can purchase for better and more durable modification of your classic Mahindra jeep.

Mahindra Jeep

Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar: Here’s Why You Need Them

Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar

Modifying your car with separate parts gives your rig a touch of your personal style. You can modify the car according to your taste and preference, making it a statement in itself. From installing LED lights and grab handles to getting wheel spacers- there is no limit to the customization you can do to your Mahindra Thar. In this regard, the jeep grill for Thar can also be a great option.

Why Should You Change The Thar Jeep Grill?

One of the most significant design mods you can ever make to your Thar is changing the jeep grill. Getting a jeep grill for Thar is not a difficult choice. It is a very popular modification that automobile enthusiasts tend to go for. Wondering why this is so common? Read on to find out some reasons why we think installing Thar jeep grill is a good idea. Here are the reasons:

Improved style: The factory grill that a Thar comes with a seven-slot one. While this looks great by itself, many other options in the market could be more your style. You can choose to give your Thar a more aggressive stance with these choices.

Easy installation: Installing a new Mahindra Thar jeep grill is one of the easiest car mods you can go for. If you have been wanting to give your Thar a more aggressive appearance, but have been deterred by the potential hassle, going for a new jeep grill is just what you need.

Protection: The function of a jeep grill is to filter out debris while allowing air inside the engine compartment. This air keeps the engine cool. A more efficient jeep grill would therefore mean better health for your engine.


There is nothing wrong with the traditional Thar with jeep grill. But if you are looking to modify your Mahindra Thar, getting an upgrade would be a very good option. You can come to Azad 4X4 to browse some jeep grill options for your Mahindra Thar variant.

ISUZU Roof Carrier

Mahindra Thar Roof Carrier: What is It, How to Select, and Benefits

Mahindra Thar is an ultimate off-road vehicle with marvelous features to provide you with great adventurous trips. Moreover, one can upgrade the appearance of Thar with proper modifications. For this, there are a lot of accessories available that you can use to do so. A roof carrier is such an accessory that you can add to your vehicle and sometimes also comes with the vehicle itself. Keep scrolling to know more about Mahindra Thar roof carrier.

What is a Mahindra Roof Carrier?

When going on an adventurous road trip you need to carry a lot of things to manage every on-road situation. Whether you are going for a short trip or a long trip with your family, this roof carrier becomes a saver for you. You can carry the equipment for camping, skiing, surfing, etc. You can get a steel one, or go for sturdy aluminum roof carriers for your Mahindra Thar, depending on the look of your car.

How to Select Roof Carrier for Mahindra Thar?

You can keep the following pointers in mind while selecting a roof carrier for your Mahindra Thar:

  • Whether you are in search of a functional or a stylish-looking roof carrier
  • You should analyze the use purpose of your roof carrier, for example, you should determine if it is going to be used for commercial or recreational purposes
  • Different sizes : There are full length roof carriers from front to end and then there are short roof racks which are just above the driver cabin.  Choice depends upon your storage requirements.
  • Fixed and Modular : Some are parmenently fixed on the roof and others are modular in nature which you can remove and pack it using a compact storage space.
  • You should also consider the materials you will carry in your Mahindra Thar roof carrier

Benefits of Having Roof Carrier for Thar

The main benefit of having a roof carrier is that you can save space inside the car and also carry a lot of things without any hassle with the help of it. Thus, you will be able to take more people and have wider leg space. Besides, modern roof carriers come with an aesthetic style to enhance the overall look.


Hope you have got an idea of the benefits of getting Thar roof carrier. If you are a frequent traveler you can surely modify your Thar with this accessory and enjoy your trips with more convenience and confort.

Why Do You Need Hardtop for Mahindra Thar?

If you have a Mahindra Thar, the choice between a hardtop and a soft top is bound to be one of the most difficult decisions to make regarding the car. The internet is largely divided in opinions on this issue.

The primary advantage of the soft top is that it is the cheapest option available in the market. Moreover, the soft top can easily be opened up and you can enjoy the view from an open hooded car. This cannot easily be done even with Thar removable hardtops.

While these are advantages, soft tops also come with many disadvantages. These often let too much noise inside the car and provide less security than you would desire. As opposed to this, the advantages of the Thar metal hardtop are:

  1. Increased Security:

Although the hardtop is not a cheap affair, it ensures better safety and keeps you worry-free. The soft top makes it easier for anyone to break into the car, making it impossible for you to leave it parked. With a hardtop, you can rest assured that your car is safe, no matter where you park it.

  1. Music System:

With a soft top, installing a music system is simply out of question. After upgrading to a hardtop, you can install any music system of your choice and enjoy your rides.

  1. Easier to Keep Clean:

By upgrading to a Thar hardtop with sunroof, you would also be saving a lot of energy in cleaning your car. This is because the soft top allows in a lot of dust. Water also leaks in frequently. With a hardtop, you would not have to face these problems.

  1. Blocks Out Traffic Noise:

A hardtop roof will help keep out the noise of the traffic and let you enjoy your own space. It will block out noise, preventing it from entering inside.


The choice you make should depend on your particular needs. Both the hardtop and the soft top have certain benefits for users, while both also have certain disadvantages. The choice ultimately depends upon your personal preferences.

Features of Mahindra Thar and Thar 2022 Accessories Explained

Mahindra Thar 2022 is widely popular among off-road enthusiasts because of the great qualities of this vehicle. The car comes with amazing specs and high-quality designs. Besides, you can also enhance its look by customizing it with Thar 2022 accessories. Keep scrolling to know more about Thar’s features and accessories.

Features of Mahindra Thar 2022

The new Mahindra Thar comes with all new designs and modifications that the company has initiated to please the new generation. This model has twin peaks and the Mahindra logo on the wheels, steering wheel, and key fob. The model is equipped with an attractive set up of alloy wheels that enhances its classy look.

Also, the company has replaced the control of window lock and unlock, traction control, and control of hill descent. These controls used to be on the side of the steering wheel and now they are in the centre of the console.

The central console also has been redesigned. Now it has slimmer switches and a sharper design. Apart from these, the Mahindra Thar 2022 comes with 4 colour variants which are grey, black, red, and dark green.

Further, the car can produce 130 PS power at 3750 RPM and 300 NM torque. Besides, the model comes with two engine options, 2.2 and 2.0 L turbo petrol.

Thar 2022 Accessories

Here are the new Thar 2022 accessories that you can buy online and use for customization

Further, you can also customize the car with a new floor mat, steering wheel cover, sun shades, dashcam, etc. There are more Thar 2022 accessories available online that you can use to upgrade the vehicle.


Thus, hope you have got a brief idea of the Thar features and Thar 2022 accessories. So, if you are planning to buy a new Thar model you can surely get one and also grab a handful of accessories to customize your vehicle as per your preferences.