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Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar: Here’s Why You Need Them

Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar Jeep Grill for Mahindra Thar

Modifying your car with separate parts gives your rig a touch of your personal style. You can modify the car according to your taste and preference, making it a statement in itself. From installing LED lights and grab handles to getting wheel spacers- there is no limit to the customization you can do to your Mahindra Thar. In this regard, the jeep grill for Thar can also be a great option.

Why Should You Change The Thar Jeep Grill?

One of the most significant design mods you can ever make to your Thar is changing the jeep grill. Getting a jeep grill for Thar is not a difficult choice. It is a very popular modification that automobile enthusiasts tend to go for. Wondering why this is so common? Read on to find out some reasons why we think installing Thar jeep grill is a good idea. Here are the reasons:

Improved style: The factory grill that a Thar comes with a seven-slot one. While this looks great by itself, many other options in the market could be more your style. You can choose to give your Thar a more aggressive stance with these choices.

Easy installation: Installing a new Mahindra Thar jeep grill is one of the easiest car mods you can go for. If you have been wanting to give your Thar a more aggressive appearance, but have been deterred by the potential hassle, going for a new jeep grill is just what you need.

Protection: The function of a jeep grill is to filter out debris while allowing air inside the engine compartment. This air keeps the engine cool. A more efficient jeep grill would therefore mean better health for your engine.


There is nothing wrong with the traditional Thar with jeep grill. But if you are looking to modify your Mahindra Thar, getting an upgrade would be a very good option. You can come to Azad 4X4 to browse some jeep grill options for your Mahindra Thar variant.