Mahindra Thar Grill

A Mahindra Thar jeep is a much-loved vehicle owned and driven by many car enthusiasts around the world. Considered to be one of the more rugged automobiles, this jeep is useful in different terrains. The jeep as we know it today has evolved through decades, with manufacturers toying with the functionality of different parts to make the vehicle as practical and useful as possible. Thar grill is a great customization option that can enhance this functionality.

Common Types of Thar Grills

Some common types of Mahindra Thar grills are:

  • The Seven-Slot Grill

Have you ever wondered what the grill does in a jeep? If you have taken a look at the Mahindra Thar, you must be able to tell that the Thar grill is a seven-slot grill, with seven distinct slots in the front. We understand that you must be in a flurry of unanswered questions. Be patient and read on to learn about the grill of the Mahindra Thar in detail.

  • Mahindra Thar Grill

To begin with, the function of a grill is to protect the engine of the car from overheating or getting damaged due to the insertion of debris. The grill carries out the dual action of keeping the engine cool by bringing in airflow and filtering out debris to prevent it from damage.

The seven-slot Mahindra Thar grill that comes installed in the Thar is the result of modifications done during the Second World War, where this was picked as the best and most functional design. This aggressive design allows ample air to flow to and from the engine and the radiator.


You can easily go for the other design options available in the market at present. There are many sturdy and functional designs available that can be installed without any drilling. To install a new Thar grill, you must only ensure that the surface is completely clean. Check out the inventory of Azad 4X4  to get some durable and elegant-looking Thar grills for your beasty vehicle.

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