If you have a Mahindra Thar, the choice between a hardtop and a soft top is bound to be one of the most difficult decisions to make regarding the car. The internet is largely divided in opinions on this issue.

The primary advantage of the soft top is that it is the cheapest option available in the market. Moreover, the soft top can easily be opened up and you can enjoy the view from an open hooded car. This cannot easily be done even with Thar removable hardtops.

While these are advantages, soft tops also come with many disadvantages. These often let too much noise inside the car and provide less security than you would desire. As opposed to this, the advantages of the Thar metal hardtop are:

  1. Increased Security:

Although the hardtop is not a cheap affair, it ensures better safety and keeps you worry-free. The soft top makes it easier for anyone to break into the car, making it impossible for you to leave it parked. With a hardtop, you can rest assured that your car is safe, no matter where you park it.

  1. Music System:

With a soft top, installing a music system is simply out of question. After upgrading to a hardtop, you can install any music system of your choice and enjoy your rides.

  1. Easier to Keep Clean:

By upgrading to a Thar hardtop with sunroof, you would also be saving a lot of energy in cleaning your car. This is because the soft top allows in a lot of dust. Water also leaks in frequently. With a hardtop, you would not have to face these problems.

  1. Blocks Out Traffic Noise:

A hardtop roof will help keep out the noise of the traffic and let you enjoy your own space. It will block out noise, preventing it from entering inside.


The choice you make should depend on your particular needs. Both the hardtop and the soft top have certain benefits for users, while both also have certain disadvantages. The choice ultimately depends upon your personal preferences.

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