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Azad4wd Admin April 4, 2023
Wheel Spacers

If you own a Mahindra Thar, you have a pretty sturdy vehicle that can carry you through most regular kinds of terrains. Even the appearance of the Thar is just as rugged as most people would want. Why then, should you look for Thar wheel spacers?

Well, the reasons are multiple and varied. The primary purpose of wheel spacers is to move the wheels farther away from a car’s frame and body. Wheel spacers for Thar are essentially billet-aluminum discs ranging from 5 mm to 45 mm in size. You need to get these bolted onto your vehicle’s axles or hubs to move the wheels away from the body of the vehicle.

Three Reasons to Go for Thar Wheel Spacers

Here are three of the most popular reasons that cause automobile enthusiasts to install wheel spacers for Mahindra Thar:

Wheel spacers push the wheels away from the body of the car. This gives your car a more aggressive stance, giving it a more rugged appearance. If you are fascinated by cars with sturdy, rugged, and aggressive appearances, getting wheel spacers would be the perfect choice for you.

Are you into large and wide traction tires? As you already might know, you cannot install traction tires into the Mahindra Thar by itself. To do so, you must first get good-quality wheel spacers. These can then hold traction tires to your Mahindra Thar, giving your car the appearance you prefer.

If you want to drive on more rough terrain with greater wheel clearance, you must get wheel spacers. Especially if you intend to drive in regions with a lot of snow, or rough Rocky terrain, you would need a better grip on the wheels. For this, installing wheel spacers is a must.


Finally, it all boils down to your individual preference. If you like the appearance and functionality of Mahindra Thar wheel spacers, grab them at the earliest. You can also check the inventory of Azad 4WD to get some affordable options for wheel spacers for Mahindra Thar.

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