ISUZU Roof Carrier

Mahindra Thar is an ultimate off-road vehicle with marvelous features to provide you with great adventurous trips. Moreover, one can upgrade the appearance of Thar with proper modifications. For this, there are a lot of accessories available that you can use to do so. A roof carrier is such an accessory that you can add to your vehicle and sometimes also comes with the vehicle itself. Keep scrolling to know more about Mahindra Thar roof carrier.

What is a Mahindra Roof Carrier?

When going on an adventurous road trip you need to carry a lot of things to manage every on-road situation. Whether you are going for a short trip or a long trip with your family, this roof carrier becomes a saver for you. You can carry the equipment for camping, skiing, surfing, etc. You can get a steel one, or go for sturdy aluminum roof carriers for your Mahindra Thar, depending on the look of your car.

How to Select Roof Carrier for Mahindra Thar?

You can keep the following pointers in mind while selecting a roof carrier for your Mahindra Thar:

  • Whether you are in search of a functional or a stylish-looking roof carrier
  • You should analyze the use purpose of your roof carrier, for example, you should determine if it is going to be used for commercial or recreational purposes
  • Different sizes : There are full length roof carriers from front to end and then there are short roof racks which are just above the driver cabin.  Choice depends upon your storage requirements.
  • Fixed and Modular : Some are parmenently fixed on the roof and others are modular in nature which you can remove and pack it using a compact storage space.
  • You should also consider the materials you will carry in your Mahindra Thar roof carrier

Benefits of Having Roof Carrier for Thar

The main benefit of having a roof carrier is that you can save space inside the car and also carry a lot of things without any hassle with the help of it. Thus, you will be able to take more people and have wider leg space. Besides, modern roof carriers come with an aesthetic style to enhance the overall look.


Hope you have got an idea of the benefits of getting Thar roof carrier. If you are a frequent traveler you can surely modify your Thar with this accessory and enjoy your trips with more convenience and confort.

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