Mahindra Thar is an aggressive off-road vehicle with great specs and features. However, depending on the road condition and your preferences, you can modify Thar with different accessories. Not only for the look enhancement, but sometimes these modifications are important for driving in particular conditions. Keep scrolling through the piece to know why you need to modify Thar with new Thar accessories.

Why Modify Thar?

You need to modify an off-road vehicle like Thar for the following reasons:

  • To Enhance Structural Features

You can modify your Mahindra Thar to upgrade its structural features. For example, adding front bumpers to your Mahindra Thar will help you to add a more aggressive look to the vehicle. Besides, it also protects several car body parts and promotes safer driving.

  • To Enhance Performance

Mahindra Thar is a great off-road vehicle, however, you can also enhance its capability with modifications. The snorkel, comfort shocks, diesel tronics, aftermarket air filters, wheel spacers etc are great new Thar accessories that are perfect for the performance enhancement of your classy vehicle.

  • To Enhance Safety While Driving

Offroading means taking risks. So, on such journeys, you need to be very careful with your driving. Hence, with modification, you can easily ensure your vehicle’s safety and save your car from unfortunate topples. Skid plate, front bumper, etc can ensure this safety greatly.

What are the Thar New Accessories You Can Buy?

There are interior and exterior accessories you can buy for your Mahindra Thar. These are:

  1. Exterior Accessories

Thar new accessories for the exterior are:

  1. Interior Accessories

Thar new accessories for the interior are:

  • Leg pads
  • Armrest
  • Fire extinguisher strap
  • Floor mats
  • Grab handles, etc.


Therefore, if you want to enjoy added convenience and comfort from your Mahindra Thar, you can install these Thar new accessories. Further, you can also consult with expert car mechanics to choose the right option for your vehicle according to the road type and other factors.

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