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Aluminum Wheel Spacers for Your Mighty Thar

Aluminum wheel spacers are aftermarket components used to create extra space between the wheel hub and the wheel itself. They are designed to fit between the existing hub and the wheel, effectively pushing the wheel outwards. Wheel spacers are typically made from lightweight and durable aluminum material.

Benefits of Using Wheel Spacers for Thar

  • Wider Stance – Wheel spacers increase the track width of the vehicle, which means the wheels are positioned farther out from the vehicle’s body.
  • Customization – Wheel spacers allow car enthusiasts to achieve a more customized look for their vehicles.
  • Clearance – If you have larger brakes or suspension components that may interfere with the inside of the wheel, using wheel spacers can create the necessary clearance, preventing any potential rubbing issues.
  • Improved Handling – The increased track width from the wheel spacers can enhance the vehicle’s handling characteristics.
  • Wheel Fitment – If you have aftermarket wheels that are not compatible with your vehicle’s hub, wheel spacers can act as adapters, allowing you to use those wheels on your car.

ProMan Aluminum Wheel Spacers from Azad 4 WD

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