You must have heard of jeep grab handles and how useful they are. But when we talk of a grab handle for Thar, you might wonder why these are even required. After all, the Mahindra Thar is a secure and comfortable off-road SUV!

Well, even in a Thar, there are many reasons to install a metal grab handle. Here are the top three so that you can consider having one installed in your car:

1. Getting In and Out of Your Car Becomes Easy:

Since jeeps are higher than other cars, they have grab handles to make it easier for the driver and passengers to get in and out.

Even the Mahindra Thar is higher than an average car, making it a concern for people to get in and out, especially for children and aged people sitting in the passenger seat.

Getting a Thar grab handle designed especially for the car will resolve your daily concerns and allow your family to mount and descend the vehicle easily.The grab handle will provide them leverage. They can hold onto it and pull themselves in or take support while getting out.

2. Increases Security of Driver and Passenger on Rough Terrain:

While driving on uneven or rocky grounds, sitting in the passenger might get uncomfortable and scary, especially for children and the elderly.

A grab handle with its ergonomic design and non-slip rubber handle can provide support and assure the security of your family in such situations.

3. Avoid Accidents:

Off-road cars like the Mahindra Thar are designed to be driven on uneven surfaces. But in such situations, accidents become common especially in the dark, when there is nothing to hold on to.

On bumpy roads, when the driver cannot remain steady, accidents are more likely to happen. With grab handles, the driver can take support and maintain balance, thereby preventing accidents.


However, be sure to buy only high-quality grab handles like the Proman Aluminium grab handles that does not require any additional drilling and is sturdy and provides support in all situations. Get the advantages and enjoy hassle-free driving during your off-road trips.

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