Overland bumpers can upgrade the look of your all-new Mahindra Thar to a great extent. Further, you can also enhance the capability of the vehicle with an overland bumper for Thar. However, before installing an overland Thar bumper you need to consider several other factors that your car mechanic will guide you. Keep scrolling to know more about these overland bumpers.

What are the Benefits of Overland Bumper for Thar?

The benefits of these bumpers are as follows:

  • These offroad bumpers increase the security of your vehicle
  • They increase the departure and approach angle of this vehicle
  • It helps to protect lights, vital engine parts, the radiator, etc.
  • Bumpers help to save the car-damage from the animal strike
  • Thar overland bumper provides security while mounting
  • Helps to protect accessories such as winch, recovery points, LED lights, etc.

Why Modify Thar with Overland Bumpers?

You can modify Thar with overland bumpers to enhance the look of your vehicle, driving smoothness, and the capability of offroading.

No matter how harsh the roads are, you can always go for adventurous road trips with Mahindra Thar. Hence, while going off-road you should not be concerned with the damage and just enjoy the adrenaline-boosting trips. So, in this regard, overland bumpers can save every moment with ultimate protection.

This steel framework helps protect important car components also saves from the overheating of vehicles, and safeguards from the animal strike.

The overland bumpers are perfect for:

  • Aesthetics
  • Radiator protection
  • Winch compatibility
  • Approach angle
  • Departure angle
  • CB communication
  • Carrying extra fuel during long road journeys


The overland bumper for Thar is completely safe for this vehicle. These are well-designed and the result of continuous research. In addition, they are kind of vital for rural exploring and safeguarding the drive perfectly. You need to consider the factors like airbag deployment, weight, look, etc, while installing these bumpers.

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