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New Maruti Jimmy Accessories


Now you can get different types of Suzuki Jimmy accessories from us under an affordable range. As a brand providing car accessories Azad has managed to secure a reliable position in the market with our top-notch service and quality car equipment. With our products, you will be able to modify your Suzuki Jimmy in the best way possible and amplify its performance.

Which Suzuki Jimmy Parts and Accessories You Can Get from Us?

Here is a list of Jimmy car accessories that Azad 4WD provides:

  • Tail Lights

You can modify the appearance of your vehicle with fascinating tail lamp installations from Azad. We have a variety of designs and shapes for tail lamps that you can choose and we ensure optimum performance of them. Besides, tail lamps are highly necessary during foggy weather, so if you have a faulty set of tail lights in your Suzuki Jimmy, consider replacing them with our products.

  • Glass Holders

Make the interior of your car much more convenient with glass holders. We offer properly designed glass holders for Suzuki Jimmy models. These holders will merge with your car’s interior subtly and add more ease during your driving.

  • Grille

Grilles are highly necessary for vehicle safety. However, the main function of grilles is to pass the air properly from your car. In addition, our strong grilles will help you to keep your sturdy Jimmy model in perfect shape. They will give proper protection to the vehicle’s engine and radiator.

  • Roof Rack

Do you often go on vacation in your car? Then space must be a real concern for you. You can install our top-quality, durable roof rack on your Suzuki Jimmy and get extra space to carry a huge load easily. Our roof racks are made with premium-quality aluminum and steel so they can carry loads without any problem.

  • Front Bumper :

The front bumper on a Suzuki Jimny serves several purposes, including:

  1. Protection: The front bumper can protect the vehicle’s front end from damage in the event of a collision or impact with obstacles such as rocks, tree branches, or other vehicles.
  2. Mounting points: The front bumper can serve as a mounting point for various aftermarket accessories, such as winches, LED light bars, or recovery gear. This can make the vehicle more capable off-road and more useful for activities such as camping, hunting, or overlanding.
  3. Aesthetics: The front bumper can also enhance the appearance of the vehicle and give it a more rugged or aggressive look, depending on the style of the bumper.

In summary, the front bumper on a Suzuki Jimny serves a functional purpose in protecting the vehicle and providing mounting points for accessories, while also contributing to the vehicle’s overall appearance.

Why Choose Azad 4WD?

Wondering why choose Azad 4WD for Suzuki Jimmy aftermarket accessories? Here are the reasons:

  • Years of experience in 4×4 vehicle after market accessories
  • Installation and repair are convenient
  • Same day service
  • Satisfied customer base
  • No failure in installation

So, if you are thinking of getting the best Jimmy accessories you can undoubtedly come to us and get your car modified with top-quality equipment and the help of highly-trained car experts.

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