As the name implies, armrests are important for keeping the arms and hands of the driver in a relaxing position. Thus, it helps to release muscle tension and also promotes safer driving. The new Thar vehicles have premium armrests however, you can also install these as per your preference. Keep scrolling to know more about armrest for Thar.

What are the Features of Thar Armrest?

The features of Thar armrests are as follows:

  • Thar rear armrest is helpful for giving you comfortable riding with its great features. It allows you to rest and drive simultaneously so there is no tension and you can handle every situation comfortably.
  • Mahindra Thar armrest has great dimensional accuracy as these are made with automotive PPmaterial
  • The armrests for Mahindra Thar are uniquely designed to match the interior of the vehicle
  • These add a stylish look to the Thar

What are the Benefits of Mahindra Thar Rear Armrest?

The benefits of Thar rear armrests are as follows:

  • These are perfect for your long road journeys
  • You will have charging ports available in the Thar armrests to charge your accessories without any problem
  • These can be fitted without any problem into the car and enhance the classy look
  • Inbuilt storage space is available to keep things like mobiles, wallets, etc.
  • Easily adjustable and sliding setup adds more comfort while driving

What are the Technical Specs of the Mahindra Thar Rear armrest?

The technical specs of the rear armrest for Thar are as follows:

  • Comes with more than one charging port
  • LH and RH armrest set
  • Proper storage availability


So, hope you have got an idea of Thar armrest and why it is helpful for your driving. Thus, you can install them as per preference or customize the original one to use them to the fullest and enjoy comfortable rides.

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