Bumpers are an important part of any off-road vehicle and Thar is not an exception. They are helpful for vehicle protection, performance enhancement, and more. They are installed either in the front or rear and sometimes  has a protection bar to protect the fenders. With the progression, the function of bumpers has been upgraded only from dampening an impact to giving complete protection. Check out the following discussion to know the importance of bumper for Thar.

The Importance of Bumper for Thar

The importance of a Thar bumper is as follows:

  • Winch Installation

With off-roading bumpers in place, once can install a winch on his Thar which helps in pulling out your or someone else’s vehicle without taking any external help.

  • Better Car Aerodynamics

Thar bumper is made with a great classy look matching the overall appearance of the vehicle. Thus, it ensures better car aerodynamics. Besides, folded-edged bumpers are great for maintaining downforce.

  • Safety from Minor Collisions

While off-roading with Mahindra Thar, you may face challenging road conditions. Thus, modern bumpers will save your vehicle from collision and even from aftereffects. Thus, it helps to enhance the roadworthiness of the vehicle.

  • You Can Mount Fog Lights

While going off-road, you need to prepare for any road and weather conditions. So fog lights are a must for your log off-road trips. Bumpers are perfect for installing fog lights. You can safely install these lights without any problem in your car body.


Hope you have got a proper idea of the bumper for Thar and how they can benefit you. If you go on frequent off-road trips, you must install the bumpers to ensure maximum vehicle safety and enjoy the trips without any risk. To know more, you can consult a specialist and act accordingly.

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