Bushranger Winch 12000 Lbs


>Bushranger REVO Winch 12000 lbs.
>Including high-quality construction, low current draw, 4 stage oversized gearing with fast line speeds and an advanced proportional friction braking system that will reliably hold 100% of the rated load with no slippage.
>The zero drag braking system allows for fast no load line speeds, making unspooling the rope a breeze. No more pulling against the friction of traditional winch braking systems uses the power of the winch to do the unspooling for you with no concern of brake drag causing unnecessary wear and heat build-up.
> A fully sealed motor and gearbox (IP67 rated) gives maximum protection from water, dust and debris. Meaning the winch is ready for anything you can throw at it.
> Winch weight fitted 33kg.

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